Smart Building

Wave Wireless serves more than just people – our 5G managed services include support for Internet of Things (IoT) and device-to-device solutions to make your building work smarter. Wave Wireless offers diverse smart building managed services ranging from environmental IoT sensors (e.g., temperature and air quality) to location-based asset tracking to help reduce your OpEx and improve operational efficiency. In addition to improved building functions, Wave Wireless’ managed smart building services provide useful insight into tenant/guest satisfaction and daily staff operations to help you better manage your business and keep your property secure.

In-Building Location Tracking

Wave Wireless’ in-building location tracking services provide seamless visibility and management of asset locations and personnel tracking within a building.

Network Management System

Wave Wireless offers a unified Network Management System (NMS) for real-time performance monitoring of your smart building functionality (including customer portals for analytics and venue management).

As part of its smart building NMS initiatives, Wave Wireless has developed a centralized platform for local governments to allow them to remotely access and configure Public Safety (or ERRC) networks throughout their city to control interference.  Wave Wireless currently partners with the Washington, D.C. government to offer these services, which gives local governments administrative oversight of these critical life safety systems and ensure each network is in compliance with municipal requirements.  

IoT Sensors

Wave Wireless’ portfolio of Internet-of-Thing sensors (offered via our NaaS) offers unprecedented cost-savings to your building or venue.  Out solutions are scalable and flexible, and use cases include occupancy-based smart lighting; refrigeration and air quality monitoring; and garage/parking sensors.

Wave Wireless