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Wave Wireless empowers venue owners with a total managed service that enable the ultimate fan experience, today and tomorrow

Tens of thousands of fans bring their mobile devices to games, concerts and events. All too often they have to deal with slow networks, if they are able to connect at all. The reason? Cell towers that typically cover this geographical area have reached a point of overcapacity. Once this happens to a cell tower, the local network becomes lagged and even inoperable.

A robust wireless infrastructure is needed to offload data traffic to more scalable wireless solutions, while also leading to new features and capabilities for the venue.

Wave Wireless provides future-proof managed services for venue owners to help improve the fan experience and realize ROI on infrastructure investments with new profitable services. With Wave Wireless’ 24/7 smart managed services, you can offer improved fan experiences with an affordable opex service, all while monetizing your infrastructure investments (ROI).

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