Network as a Service

Wave Wireless’ NaaS provides you with flexibility to fully customize your local area network. Wave’s network management services are tailored to your specific business needs and designed to ensure a seamless transition from 4G to 5G. We manage and maintain the network for you, allowing you to focus on other priorities.


Wave Wireless’ NaaS for cellular networks are truly end-to-end. We work directly with all major wireless carriers (i.e., Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint) to bring cellular mobility to any indoor environment. Starting with the network design, Wave Wireless builds and manages customized cellular systems for buildings and venues of any size.

Public Safety

Wave Wireless has established itself as a nationwide leader in designing, building and managing Public Safety networks — often referred to as an Emergency Responder Radio Coverage System (ERRCS) — for our customers. Wave Wireless’ NaaS for Public Safety networks includes ongoing management and monitoring of network functions to ensure first responders (Fire and Police) have access to unimpeded wireless connectivity during emergencies. Wave Wireless’ Public Safety networks are compliant with FirstNet requirements and provide clear and reliable radio coverage for first responders in-buildings.

The installation and management of Public Safety networks are subject to national code (NFPA, IFC) and local regulations, and the requirements can vary greatly from city-to-city. Wave Wireless has built strong relationships with municipalities across the country and works closely with government officials to manage the network implementation process, from plan review to acceptance testing. Whether it’s a new or existing building, Wave Wireless has the expertise to ensure your network is always compliant and managed effectively.


Building for the future means working with technology that’s available today. Wave Wireless is committed to building and managing reliable Wi-Fi networks for our customers. Wave Wireless’ NaaS for Wi-Fi ensures your network has the capability to be seamlessly migrated to tomorrow’s 5G environment.

Private LTE

Wave Wireless’ NaaS for Private LTE provide our customers with the ability to easily optimize the network for their own purpose. Whether you’re trying to connect people or devices, Private LTE networks provide significant security, reliability and quality-of-service advantages over traditional Wi-Fi and is highly configurable to meet your specific performance and service demands.

Our Private LTE NaaS allow customers to take full control of network data flow, such as healthcare or government facilities that require specific security settings to track critical information.  Wave Wireless’ 5G-ready Private LTE managed services include smart buildings and Internet of Things (IoT) and wireless mobility (i.e., data offloading).


5G is on the horizon, and Wave Wireless’ future-proof managed services ensure your building or venue is prepared today. 5G means faster speeds and more data than ever before, and Wave Wireless has the expertise to augment network capacity and infrastructure to make sure you’re ready.

In preparation for 5G services, Wave Wireless leverages innovative technologies that enable private use of LTE spectrum for the first time in history. Our NaaS for Private LTE drastically improves quality-of-service (speed and latency) compared to Wi-Fi, and can be deployed at a significantly lower cost than traditional DAS networks. Wave Wireless is at the forefront of the quickly developing Private LTE ecosystem and has launched one of the first enterprise LTE networks in the nation.  

Contact us to learn more and hear how Wave Wireless can utilize Private LTE to prepare you for 5G today.

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